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P.J. Perkin

Contract Repairman

Stressfree, clear,  enjoyable contracts for creatives

I repair, negotiate and draft contracts to put you in control of your business needs

What I do is simple.

One: I make contracts that are easy to read and understand.

Two: I negotiate contracts so they're fair.

Three: I understand your needs. 

Four: I work hard to be affordable for all budgets. 

about us

The credentials and 'Why':

My friends call me Peej.

I am a contract negotiator for a software company on a mission to make high quality contracts that are user-friendly and quick to sign.

So here's the why. 
Contracts are important, but too often they're full of jargon, they hide detail and they're intimidating. 

I want to support creatives to have full control over their contracts, and over their work. 

Democratising business, one contract at a time.



"This service was really useful. PJ really broke down the terms of our agreements very succinctly and simply. We will definitely use this service in the future not just for review but when we need to draft our own contracts too. His experience with contracts is a great asset to have access to"
Alex, Rhythm & Reason
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